American Graffiti Artist Transforms a Beach Rock Into a Great White Shark

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Jimmy Swift, who uses graffiti for his works, created a large scrap from a rock on Palolem Beach in India. People come to take pictures.

It seems real. And it would be terrifying if one were caught by surprise. Because suddenly seeing a white shark with its muzzle open in front of one, who would not terrorize. But calm down, That is just a rock on the shore of the beach turned into a shark, thanks to the artistic gifts of the American Jimmy Swift.

Swift bases his art on the use of graffiti, with which he performs works that tend to have real effects. For example, the white shark he made on the coast of Palolem beach, in southern Goa, in India. He created the squalid from an outstanding life-sized rock, in which he noticed a perfectly formed “shark head .”

“When I saw this rock for the first time, it seemed like a perfect place for a great white shark,” Swift said, who painted the shark.

Serving as an artist for over 15 years, Swift has toured to over 90 countries, forming art everywhere he goes. Motivated by the movie Jaws, Swift chose to challenge himself by drawing on the shark, head-shaped, 3-dimensional surface.

“The hardest thing I’ve painted. The waves and the rising tide literally hit me, and they forced me to stop before it ended. I could have done better, but between the sand and the wind blowing, the splashing waves, the scorching sun, and the fact that I never painted a shark before or painted a three-dimensional surface like a rock, but I think it went well.” Jimmy said on his Instagram.

Here are some photos:

By the way, this is not the first realistic work of an animal made by Jimmy.

Since creating the shark, Swift has moved on to transform another rock into an elephant, complete with a mop of bushy “hair.” You can find more of Swift’s art and follow him on his adventures via Instagram.