An animal that was believed to be extinct since 1987 reappears in India during quarantine

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Currently, our life revolves around the coronavirus, the news about this pandemic floods social networks and news programs. In order to get ahead, there is no better solution than to stay at home and wait for this crisis to pass.

Those who are taking advantage of our confinement are wild animals, whom the virus does not seem to affect them and have taken advantage of the fact that the streets are alone to return to their original habitats.

What’s more, even animals that thought they were extinct have been seen, such as this Malabar civet, a small mammal from the tropical regions of southwestern India, a species that was believed to be extinct and was a great find to be able to see it again.

The creature was seen and photographed by a person in the city of Meppayur, Kerala, India, who did not miss the opportunity to take a video of such an exotic animal. Little by little, the image went viral and has been shared around the world.

However, not everything looks good for this Malabar civet, since the Indian Forest Service pointed out that this particular animal is sick, so it walks in a strange way and left during the day when in fact, the species has nocturnal habits. Still, its appearance gives hope, as it means that there could be more healthy mammals in the area.

Apparently, this is one of the 33 species that make up the Malabar civet family of large spots, and is one of 14 that are in danger of extinction. In fact, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists its status as “possibly extinct” or “unknown status.”

The last record of a civet was in 1987, and decades passed without knowing the mammal again, so it was believed to be extinct. Hopefully, more specimens of this animal remain hidden.

And, well, this is just one example that Mother Nature is taking advantage of the contingency to claim what is her own.