Apple and Google are working on an application to track nearby cases of COVID-19

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In times like this, we need to be more united than ever (in a symbolic way, of course), so Apple and Google partnered to create an application that will help track positive cases of coronavirus and alert us if we were close to a sick person.

This alliance seeks to stop the spread of the virus, because although the authorities’ instructions are to quarantine and stay home, many people must go out and continue working to earn their daily bread.

Forget the differences to help us

The companies are working to create a registration system that lets people know if they were in contact with or near infected individuals. This will allow cell phones to exchange information via Bluetooth but will protect the identity of those affected and will only send an alert that will let you know that one of the users who were close to you tested positive.

Everyone at Apple and Google believes there has never been a more important time to work together and solve one of the world’s most pressing problems. Through close cooperation and collaboration with developers, governments, and public health providers, we hope to harness the power of technology to help countries around the world curb the spread of COVID-19 and accelerate the return to everyday life.

—Fred Sainz, Senior Director, Corporate Communications at Apple

When will it be ready?

Both parties hope that the software will be available to the public in mid-May, but they are still studying the possibility that this tool is a direct part of the devices’ operating system and not an application that should be downloaded, since there is an application in Singapore similar and only 20% of the population installed it.

For both Google and Apple, it is important to clarify and reaffirm that they will not collect personal data and that the identity of users will remain anonymous, as privacy is important to them.