Apple and kiwi juice to cleanse the colon and prevent disease

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We share a delicious recipe that will help you release the toxins that have remained in your body, so when you purify, you will feel full of life and healthier than ever.

We continue with our special series of home remedies: healing juices, drinks that, thanks to the combination of powerful natural ingredients, will help you take care of your health. Today we will talk about apple juice and kiwi to clean the colon and prevent diseases.

The apple and kiwi are delicious, but also, thanks to their properties, are some of the fruits that suit various functions of the body. We had already talked about how good they are to improve the digestion process, but it will also be good to talk about why we should clean the colon.

As such, the colon or large intestine is responsible for transporting solid waste to remove them from the body. In this process, it extracts water, salt, vitamins, and nutrients from food waste that the small intestine did not process. 


When the colon or large intestine does not function properly, instead of expelling toxins, it begins to absorb it, and then we can experience health problems such as migraines, swelling, constipation, gas problems, weight gain, extreme tiredness, and fatigue. 

Food waste can also be caused by consuming large amounts of food loaded with additives and preservatives, so eating natural foods, drinking enough water, taking care of fiber consumption will help us keep the colon in good condition. 

The colon cleanses medical procedures, usually surgeries, so they are much more severe and have side effects, so it is not something that is often recommended.


As you read, it is very important to keep your colon healthy. We usually do not pay attention until an upset makes us understand why we should take care of it, so it will be great to complement your doctor’s instructions with this delicious apple and kiwi juice.


  • Half green apple or gala
  • 1 branch of celery
  • 1 kiwi with shell
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 3 cups of water 
  • ½ lemon without peel 


All you have to do is liquefy all the ingredients and drink this drink three times a week on an empty stomach, in the end, you will notice great changes in your digestion and your health, you will feel light and comfortable, you could even lose some weight to release what was accumulated. 

Do not forget to consult this home remedy with your doctor for any questions and verify the results. This juice will not cure you but will help you keep your health in optimal condition.