Astrophysicist creates apparatus against coronavirus and ends with two magnets stuck in the nose

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Daniel Reardon was trying to create a device that would detect if something touched his face, since not allowing face contact is one of the indications to combat the spread of coronavirus.

This creative man ended up in the hospital, fortunately not because he got infected, but because two magnets got stuck in his nose while he was developing his invention.

The idea of ​​this Australian scientist was to create a necklace with an alarm that would sound every time there was a contact on the face, which seems important, since many times we do it automatically.

However, it seems like you still don’t quite know how the powerful magnets you were using work.

I have some electronic equipment, but I really don’t have experience or knowledge in circuit building or stuff.

It had a part that detects magnetic fields. I thought that if I built a circuit that could detect the magnetic field and we used magnets on our wrists, then I could trigger an alarm if I brought them too close to my face. A little boredom from isolation made me think about that.

—Daniel Reardon

I accidentally invented a necklace that continually buzzes when you move your hand close to your face.

After dismissing that idea, he was still a little bored, playing with the magnets. With the same logic as putting magnets in my ears: I attached them to my earlobes and then attached them to one of my nostrils. Things went downhill very quickly when I attached the magnets to my other pit.

—Daniel Reardon

He had placed two magnets inside the nostrils and two on the outside, but while removing the magnets outside the inmates were attracted and stuck. For 20 minutes, he was struggling to get them out, with no results.

At Google, he found a similar case and how it was solved by using more magnets to pull than those that were stuck, but finally, that didn’t work either.

A friend who is a doctor told him that it was best to take him to the hospital, although Daniel suspects that he did it so that his colleagues would also make fun of him.

After this experience, Daniel Reardon decided not to make any invention that involves his face, especially if there are magnets involved.