At What Age Do You Meet Your Best Friend?

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One of the characteristics that humans carry is that we need to share our life with a circle of other people; It is hard for us to remain alone, and we are sociable beings that need to be in contact with others. 

Therefore, since we are children, we are used to having a connection with at least one person, and as we grow, our core is growing more and more. The funny thing is when we see people come and go and, of course, it hurts; we meet others who are false, or we betray those who considered us their friends, or simply life is responsible for separating them from us. 

In the beginning, it is hard for us to accept it. It hurts us to let go, but over time we are assimilating it, and we understand that it is part of life. But this does not mean that we will be alone forever, because there is a specific age in which we will find eternal and loyal people who will stay on our path – perhaps – for a lifetime.

According to a study conducted by the University of Oxford, when we have a love relationship, we usually lose – on average – two friends because we prefer to sacrifice time with some people to invest in our partner. The question is, why do we prefer to leave some relationships for others? And it is because those people that we decided to get out of our lives, is because many times they no longer coincide with our lifestyle, beliefs or future plans.

This, above all, occurs with friends we had since childhood and adolescence. As we grow, our social circle is also changing, and, over time, we focus more on our work, family, responsibilities, etc. What It also causes us to meet new people along the way and, therefore, make new friends. Thus, a study affirms that after 25 years, our social circle is increasingly reduced.

It is likely that this seems a bit sad and may make us feel alone. However, when we reach 30, the age at which we reach the point of maturity, we can afford to keep real friends on our way, those that coincide in our life and current routine. And yes, those who decide to stay, are counted on the fingers of the hand, and that is not about quantity, but about quality.

When we reach 30, it is much easier for us to identify sincere friends, honest people with whom we want to share great moments of our life, and, above all, with whom we are willing to nurture a harmonious friendship. So we should not worry about seeing each other come and go, it is part of the road and, in this way, we will know ​​who deserves to stay and who does not. The best friendships are coming.