Attending Concerts Can Extend Your Lifespan, New Study Shows

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Science has given us high expectations when it comes to improving health by doing what we LIKE; however, the following study, by far, takes the prize for the best news of the year. 

Here is a piece of great news for music lovers and all those who go or like to go to concerts or shows. And if someone asks you to change your habit regarding music shows, just show them this research, it might change their mind.

A study conducted in collaboration with Patrick Fagan, a professor at the University of Goldsmith, London, and Arena 02 of the capital of England, where numerous recitals are offered annually, found that 20 minutes of live music can increase up to 21 percent feelings of well-being. When compared to other activities, such as doing yoga or walking your dog, there is only an increase of 10 percent.

Long live the girls who love concerts!

This would mean that the improvement in emotional well-being translates into a direct increase in life expectancy, which could be up to nine years. Experts explain that attending a concert once every 15 days improves the longevity of music lovers for almost a decade.

Could you believe that your addiction to seeing and listening to your favorite bands gives you physical health? Apparently, the secret is in the psychometric rates and the cardiac effort made: singing, jumping, dancing, or just getting excited because your artist will finally go on stage, produce a health improvement that sounds almost impossible, but it is a reality. Also, other emotional and psychic factors, such as self-esteem, increase by 25 percent, while mental stimulation rises by 75.

If you think about it, this will make a lot of sense, since attending a massive concert is not always so easy and in most cases, it requires a lot of planning and time, but in the end, everything is rewarded with good hours of good music and fun anecdotes for Count back home.

If someone criticize you for wasting a lot of money to attend concerts, tell them that you’re going to live longer than them.

Do you see it? Stop fearing about big concert, get ready in advance and join a good group of friends to see the singer from whom you can’t miss a show in your life. Do it, and it’s for health!