Bad news: you can no longer share your Netflix account with your best friend


Only your best friend is able to hear you talk, more than 30 times in the same day, to talk about a breakup or patch up, to lend clothes and, of course to share Netflix account, which is not always pleasant since this implies that your mother, uncles, cousins ​​, and even your ex have access to an account that is not theirs.

Until today, that had not represented any problem, but the platform is about to penalize those who share a non- premium account password, which will cause hundreds of friendships to be broken.

The company has increased the cost of all subscription plans to its streaming platform in the United States and in 40 countries of the American continent where it is charged in the US currency.

As if this were not enough, we have other bad news.  

The most popular platform of streaming has decided to use a system called Orwellian Al, created by the company Synamedia, and through the use of artificial intelligence will detect users who share your account.

If the program realizes that you do share your password with someone, they will send you an email to offer you a premium version, which allows the visibility of more screens in a single account.

If the system detects that an account is shared with people from different parts of the same country, Netflix will suspend such account. But if an account is shared without any knowledge of the official user, the rectification of data can be made so that an ex share the account with his new girlfriend or a “friend” does it with others and so on.

The drastic measure is due to the fact that in 2017, Fortune magazine carried out an investigation that revealed that One in three people who use Netflix in the United States does not pay, but uses the account of a family member or friend. They are not official figures (they never give them), but this is what the survey says. This generates losses of approximately 10 million dollars in the industry, so the new platforms prefer not to take risks and take severe measures.

We are sorry! But it’s time to say goodbye to your boyfriend’s account and say hello to your new unique and private account.

So you already know, if your friend does not lend you her Netflix account again, it is not because it is bad, she just does not want them to cancel her service.

What do you think? Do you think it is fair?


What do you think?

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