Beauty: How to make your own hand cream?

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Dry hands? Rather than breaking the bank on supermarket hand creams every month, why not do it yourself? Here is a quick and easy recipe.

At the end of winter, the skin is drier than usual. And we don’t even talk about all the hydroalcoholic gel that we put or still put on our hands to avoid diseases, such as coronavirus. In short, all that to say that our little mimics are suffering and that we have to think about rehydrating them with nourishing hand cream. But if there are many products already ready on the market, it is quite possible and even advisable to create your own hand cream. First, because you will be sure of the ingredients you put in it. Two, because it will be more organic and, therefore, better for the planet. Three, because it will be more economical. And finally, because it is not that complicated to do.


  • 1 C. beeswax
  • 25 g shea butter
  • 15 ml vegetable oil (macadamia, sweet almond)
  • 15 drops of helichrysum essential oil
  • 5 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil
  • 3 drops of vitamin E


In a bowl sterilized beforehand, place the beeswax and the shea butter, place the container in a double boiler to gently and evenly melt the preparation. Then remove it from the heat once the ingredients are well melted and add the vegetable oil, the essential oils of helichrysum and ylang ylang, then the vitamin E. Mix everything well in order to have a smooth and homogeneous texture , then pour the preparation into a previously sterilized jar with a lid. 

It is also possible to opt for a recipe for hand creams from Aroma Zone, which simply requires a neutral base Organic all-purpose cream, an active ingredient Bisabolol BIO, and a natural cosmetic fragrance Orange blossom. Then just mix the ingredients in a previously sterilized bowl and pour everything into a previously sterilized jar.

Once the cream has been poured into a sterilized jar with a lid, you just have to let it cool down quietly at room temperature, until it is more consistent. We can then keep it for three months!