Beauty: How to make your own solid shampoo?

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Are you determined to be greener on a daily basis? Start already by throwing your liquid shampoos in a plastic bottle and making yours in a zero waste version. And here is a ready-made recipe!

Shampoos and liquid shower gels in plastic bottles are among the cosmetics that we use the most every day, but it is a real scourge for the environment. The most effective and ecological natural alternative is simply to replace them with solid shampoos or shower gels. They come in the form of a solid bread and are composed of mild foaming agents, vegetable oils, active ingredients, plant powders, and essential oils. They are very simple to make, and above all, they save money because a bar corresponds to around 45 shampoos, the equivalent of 2 bottles of 250 ml.

The essential accessories

  • A silicone mold
  • A large bowl with a pestle
  • A spatula spatula
  • 2 or 5 ml measuring scoop
  • A set of measuring spoons
  • 100 ml scale or beaker

Obviously, we try to opt for ecological accessories and, therefore, not plastic. They are preferred in silicone, stainless steel, or ceramic. 


  • Solid surfactants (SCI, or sodium coconut sulfate)
  • Mineral water
  • Vegetable oil
  • Herbal powder
  • Cosmetic active ingredients
  • Essential oil
  • Dye

For vegetable oils, we recommend jojoba oil if you have oily hair, coconut oil if you have dry hair, borage oil if you have damaged or dull hair, broccoli if you have curly hair and finally, sapote oil if you have curly or frizzy hair. 


First, put the solid surfactants, water and vegetable oil of your choice in a large bowl, then melt the whole in a double boiler over low heat, crushing the preparation throughout the heating using a pestle against the wall of the bowl to form a sticky and homogeneous paste. Out of the bain marie, add the rest of the ingredients and mix using the pestle. You just have to transfer the dough into your silicone mold and compact it with your fingers. Place the mold in the freezer for 20 minutes before unmolding . It is best to let it dry for about 1 week before you start using it.

The advantage of this product is that we know exactly what’s inside, it’s fun, easy, and in addition, there is the little pride of having made it yourself. So what are you waiting for to get started?