Being bad is not so bad, here we tell you why

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Are you one of the kind of person who gets angry even when a fly flies nearby? Good news that means you are smarter. And not only that, there are other advantages of always going bad: you also have a higher capacity to solve problems based on your own criteria, because being in a bad mood you can analyze things in a more rational way.

Also, you are one of the people who do not believe in urban myths and avoid prejudices.

All this was discovered by Joseph Forgas, professor of psychology and emotion expert at the University of New South Wales in Australia. This study consisted of a series of experiments where people’s moods were manipulated through positive or negative films and memories.

The result showed that the bad mood helps to think about things with a cooler head, while being positive or too optimistic achieved the exact opposite, because this kind of people, being happy, see everything more superficially and do not usually Be cautious, which can affect the ability to analyze and understand reality.

Forgas’s study focuses on the effect that bad mood exerts on memory. When asked how mood can affect daily life, it was discovered that a contributing factor to bad attitude is the weather: people tend to feel better during a sunny day.

Through his study, Forgas found that people with a bad mood had better cognitive ability and memory. He said that negative people have more memory and less propensity to let themselves be manipulated than positive people and that a negative mood contributes to paying more attention to the environment, as well as facilitating more elaborate information processing.

As if that were not enough, angry people have a higher capacity to argue and judge better than optimists, who are better at creating, imagining, and cooperating. He added that bad mood facilitates attention and more prudent thinking.

So don’t feel bad about being angry all the time. 

Remember that being in a bad mood all the time is also not a solution to everything. Still, it’s okay if you think a little extra before making any decision, must think about its positive and negative consequences, so it will be easy for you to make the right decision at the right time. It is better to take a light life, even if we have other reasons to be in a bad mood.