Best friends discover that they are sisters 17 years after meeting

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Ashley Thomas and Toya Wimberly met 17 years ago, both were in sixth grade and since then became inseparable.

Their classmates told them that they were very similar, not only in their physical appearance but also in their gestures and even their way of thinking, as is the case with the blood sisters. By chance of destiny, a DNA test was carried out which confirmed that they were sisters, changing everything they knew about them until that moment.

From friends to sisters

Ashley and Toya grew up feeling like sisters, 17 years later they discovered that they really are.

Kenneth Wimberly, Toya’s father, always joked that Ashley was his daughter, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that he knew it was true.

15 years ago, Ashley learned that Mike Thomas was not her biological father. This was no impediment for Mike to take care of her and love her. Unfortunately, her mother died years later and never told her who her biological father was.

Fate led them to join

The truth came in a surprising way. It all started on social networks. Kenneth and Ashley were tagged in Toya’s engagement photos. Ashley’s late mother’s best friend recognized her, and the truth came to light.

For his part, Kenneth confirmed having a romantic relationship with Ashley’s mother two years before falling in love with Toya’s mother; however, he never found out that she had become pregnant with him. The news took him by surprise, but he accepted a DNA test, and the result impressed everyone: Ashley and Toya are his biological daughters!

They are a beautiful family!

The news was shocking, but their relationship did not change; on the contrary, they strengthened their ties and love.

Toya currently owns a children’s transportation company, Global Rides Transportation, while Ashley created Hot Headz Hair Studio.