Beware: December 11 is the biggest break-up day of the year

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A relationship between two souls is like a relation between the hand and the eyes.

If the hand gets hurt, the eyes cry, and if the eyes cry, the hand wipes its tears.

December is a month to thank in the company of our loved ones for all the love and good times we had during the year that is about to end. However, all the people are not the same, and there are some who take advantage of these dates to break a heart.

You may not know it, but December 11 is the day with the most love breaks and broken hearts before Christmas.

December is the month of broken hearts.”

A study published by Elite Daily revealed that from October to February, people are more likely to find true love, because at this time, people seek more stable relationships compared to the rest of the year.

However, a second study by the Information Is Beautiful portal found that December 11 is the day when more couples end their relationship.

It’s time to take care of your relationship.

To reach this conclusion, data on changes in sentimental status and publications on Facebook concerning singleness were collected; these increased considerably on December 11.

The ruptures are due to the proximity of the holidays because, for many, it is a challenge to live with the family of their partner. Other reasons are the lack of money and depression caused by the cold and dark environment.

There are many ups and downs in a relationship, but only those can handle all such things who are actually loyal for his or her partner. Always be a compromising person with your partner.

So now that you know all about December 11 too so just rethink about your relationship and reach a December agreement that does not end your relationship.