Boy sings to his brother with Down syndrome and moves the internet

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If you are the older brother or sister, you probably had to experience that emotion when they told you that you would have a little brother, so immediately you got excited because you would have someone to share the adventures with, but you also remember that as an older one, you had that talk with your parents about the ‘responsibility.’

And that’s what happened in this family in Arkansas, where Rayce is, a 6-year-old boy who loves his newborn brother, Tripp, who was born with Down syndrome, but that does not impede the little one to prove his love.

Tripp’s arrival was not easy.

When Tripp was born, it was not easy, because he had to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to receive treatments, but even that did not prevent Rayce from being close to him, because he would visit him every afternoon to the hospital and talk to him from his first days of life telling him what he had done and telling him how much he already loved him.

Rayce has a special song for Tripp.

Rayce spends much of his time with his brother, and among the things he enjoys doing with him is singing, so he has a special song for Tripp, it’s called 10 thousand hours. So Nicole, mother of the little ones, decided to record them and share the video where the two children are seen.

Since before Tripp was born, Rayce already sang to him.

Nicole says that Rayce sang to Tripp since the baby was in her belly, so the connection between them is even stronger and is something she admires and says that many brothers should have. Besides that, it is easy to notice that chemistry that exists between the two, so it is even more tender and cute as Rayce sings to his little brother.

They are a large family.

Finally, we know that in addition to Rayce and Tripp, there are three more children, so it is more understandable why Rayce has that great love to give because he not only cares about Tripp but also his other brothers; remember that he is the oldest.