Boy Who Keeps Getting Into Trouble For Doodling In Class ‘Hired’ To Decorate Restaurant

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When Joe Whale’s parents discovered that his son made great drawings, he was encouraged to continue doing so, even though he had gotten into trouble by scribbling in his notebook while he was in class.

After explaining that he had to pay attention to what the teacher said, he was enrolled in an art class so that he could exploit his creative abilities. Months later, he was invited to paint the dining room of a restaurant in England. Now Joe is known as The Doodle Boy and is hired to decorate spaces.

Joe Whale loves to paint

Joe’s parents have always encouraged him to pursue his dreams, and this time was no exception. According to Greg, his father, the little one is on a list of gifted children in elementary school since he was four years old. As if that were not enough, his twin brother is also on that list.

All notebooks are covered by scribbles

When his father shared the drawings on his Facebook page, the manager of a restaurant saw them and was so impressed that he contacted him to do something similar in the place.

Joe spent 12 hours illustrating the restaurant wall

They wanted to take Joe to the restaurant to complete a work of art on his wall, and he was in the main dining room. When I told Joe, I was excited. When I asked him if he wanted to go, he said to me he was delighted with the idea. 

After he finished his homework, Greg took him to the restaurant to draw on one of the walls. They gave him the freedom to draw whatever he wanted, so he made faces, buildings, numbers, and even aliens.

He already takes classes to improve his technique

Greg already enrolled him in drawing classes so he can develop all his talent. His parents are proud of everything he has achieved.

The fact that a completely independent business has asked our 9-year-old son to do a professional job for them is incredible.

Children must develop their talents

Children must develop the talents, ambitions, goals, dreams, and desires that they may have.

Joe’s family has been very supportive, and over time they have learned to differentiate when their son is not interested in something and when he finds an activity he likes to do, they believe that children only need the support and understanding of their parents, more than scolding.