Businessman leaves zoo due to pandemic and animals are alone starving

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The pandemic came hitting companies, businesses, and workers in different sectors, which is why many of these places have had to close their doors, fire their employees and leave entire buildings in order not to spread the virus, this before the Refusal of many entrepreneurs, but it must be done.

One of these businesses was a renowned zoo in Thailand, which was severely affected by stopping visits. The owner of the place had to declare bankruptcy, he left the compound and left dozens of animals to their fate.

Some species were sold, transferred to other nature reserves, but a large part of the animals remained there, alone, without food, without water, and with no one to take care of them.

Fortunately, not everything is lost, since a young Australian named Minh Nguyen contacted a group of friends and visited the abandoned zoo to have tests and demonstrate the precarious conditions in which these animals are found, including bears, tigers, lions, and crocodiles.

This video helped him launch a campaign on the well-known GoFundMe platform, where he asks people to cooperate to feed them and get them out of there if possible.

His initial goal was to raise $ 20,000, but in just a couple of days, he managed to double that number, which means that these abandoned species have more hope of survival.

Many people on social networks proposed to leave these animals free and to return to their natural habitat, but as species in captivity, they are unable to hunt on their own and get their own food, so they need specialized attention and constant cleaning.

The donation account is still open, and more and more dollars are added every day to ensure the survival of the zoo. In a second video published on their YouTube page, the promoters of this initiative explain the use they will make of the money raised, hoping that more people will join in and save the zoo until the pandemic passes