Can a diabetic person eat candy?

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50% of Hispanics living in the United States suffer from type 2 diabetes throughout their lives; for that reason, we wanted to deepen this question that so many people ask themselves. 

Can a diabetic person eat candy?

The American Diabetes Association explains that “people with diabetes can eat desserts, use sweeteners and still maintain their blood glucose [sugar] level within the parameters considered normal.”

The same organization explains that before patients were advised not to ingest sugar because it was thought that they could suddenly raise blood glucose levels, or that if you ate sugar, it would give you diabetes, but this has no medical basis. It’s false. However, the person with diabetes should remember that sugar has the same effect on blood glucose as other carbohydrates, such as bread or potatoes. That is, you should consume both groups sparingly.

The American Diabetes Association offers the following tips for eating sweets in a healthier way:

■ Opt for a fresh or dried fruit.

■ Eat only a small portion of your favorite dessert.

■ If you go to a restaurant, share the dessert.

■ Reduce sugar and fat in your favorite recipes.

■ Look for dessert recipes with lower caloric content.

■ Choose your favorite desserts, but with the option of fewer calories and fat.

■ Replace the sugar in coffee or tea with a sweetener.

We also asked Dr Rosemarie Lajara, president and principal endocrinologist of Diabetes America, what are the myths about this 

disease that we should not believe and this is what she answered:

1. Forget about saying: “What I have is a little blood sugar.” No, high blood sugar is not normal. It is an indication that you have prediabetes or diabetes, and sometimes the first symptom of this disease is a heart attack that can end in fatality.

2. “Now that I have diabetes, I won’t be able to eat everything I like.” That is not true. It is recommended that you modify the recipes to make them healthier.

3. “I contracted diabetes due to lack of eating discipline”. Stop taking responsibility because genetics has a lot of interference. If it is not attacked on time and accurately, it takes its natural course.

Forget the myths and remember that your best friend is moderation!