Can Alcohol Be Part of a Healthy Diet?

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Is it Friday night, and you are on a diet? There are no excuses; you can take without feeling guilty about the diet! Diets do not have to be boring nor so bossy with what you eat or drink. Who says you can’t drink alcohol while on a diet? Of course, you can! You just have to drink the right drinks so as not to affect your weight and you can have fun all night. These are the drinks you can drink while taking care of what to eat.

A shot of vodka

The diet does not prevent you from drinking some shots of vodka during the party. Believe it or not, it is one of the drinks with the least calories. Of course, avoid going over some drinks and overdoing it because its effect would be the opposite. Do not mix it with soda or juices, just with mineral water.

Fruit cocktail

Avoid any type of sweetener in these drinks. Fruits, such as lemon, mango, cucumber, and watermelon, are excellent for not breaking the diet while you drink and have fun.

Red wine

Yummy! Nothing like the delicious taste of wine to accompany your meal or a good conversation. Just having a glass of red wine will make you feel much better. In addition, it has many benefits, such as helping to eliminate your stress, amazing! Try not to combine any other beverage or sweet food because instead of not consuming calories, you would gain them.


A shot in the rocks is enough to taste its strong flavor and thus not affect your diet at all. If you don’t like the taste of whiskey very much, a good option is to add mineral water. This will neutralize its taste while you enjoy a good time with your best friends.

Gin and tonic

I recommend two glasses of gin and tonic per night to keep your diet balanced. Because its ingredients are low in calories, your diet will not be affected. Of course, avoid not exceeding yourself because it could affect your weight and get you drunk.