Change in texture and color of the nails may be a sign of illness

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A study by the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania found that under the nails, there is an important place for bacteria to hide – the subungual region – after having analyzed the hands of 26 people. The researchers concluded that “the space between the skin and the nail creates a perfect environment for the growth and proliferation of living organisms because they feel protected, and there is moisture in that area.”

There are signals that the body emits, and that often goes unnoticed. Examples of this are the nails because a change in color, texture, or shape may represent that something is wrong or that there is a disease.

When the nails show white spots, they can alert a liver condition. If the nail is white and pink in equal parts, there may be some kidney problems. If the base has a reddish color, it may be a sign of a heart condition.

Pale, brittle, or shape-changing nails can be a symptom of anemia, while if they appear with white lines or white spots, they can warn of arsenic poisoning or lack of calcium.

In case the nail is thick and yellow in color, the problem may be in the lungs; If it is yellowish with some red color at the base, it is indicative of diabetes. 

Warts may appear on certain areas of the nails. They are infections that, if left untreated, can spread to another part of the body.

If the nails have a convex shape (like antique watch dials), they may be giving the message of a lung tumor. If there are dark spots or lines, you should immediately go to the dermatologist as it may be a skin cancer.

When the nail has a blue color, it represents the lack of oxygen in the blood. When there are signs of perforations, and it is clear, you have to be careful because you can try psoriasis (scales) on the skin.

The presence of fungi is reflected in the lower part of the tip of the nail with a white or yellow spot. This is due to an unbalanced diet and excessive consumption of flours and sugars.

Be careful with yourself; whenever you see any change on any part of your body, you must take it seriously and consult your doctor so the doctor will examine the change and will let you know if there is something to worry or not. The early you find the issue, the quicker you will be able to get rid of it.