Child exchanges his toys for the pantry to help his mother

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“Stay at home” is the most repeated phrase in recent weeks, and although it is very clear not everyone lives it the same way, this due to their work obligations or their economic situation, which has more than one family surviving with the basic foods of the day.

Such is the case of Alexis, a small native of Tijuana, Mexico, who, due to the situation, began to exchange his toys for pantries to help his family in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

We can all contribute a grain of sand

No matter how hard mom or dad tries to hide their problems, kids always know what’s going on and try to help. This was the case with Alexis Ortiz, who saw her mother distressed by the Covid-19 crisis and the quarantine, since for a month and a half that she lost her job, her savings were exhausted and her pantry was so scarce that they could not afford three meals a day.

Alexis couldn’t see her mother in distress or her sister Itzel starving, so he helped them with the only thing he had on his hands: exchanging his toys for food.

The good ones are more

To complete his plan, Alexis, On the fence of his house, stood out a white sign with the phrase: “I change toys for a pantry. I want to help my mom. “It was the same mother of the little ones who shared the image on Facebook, where it went viral, moved, and woke up the best of hundreds of people who came to the home to deliver from groceries and cash.

The world needs more children like that!

Alexis and his family were surprised by the unconditional help of the citizens. But the story does not end here, seeing everything they had collected, they chose to elaborate some pantries to help other families in need, making it clear that life is not about having everything but giving others a little of what we have.