Child spends his savings so that his mom meets Ricky Martin

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Mom deserves everything good in the world, so an eight-year-old boy spent all his savings so that his mom, who suffers from cancer, meets her favorite singer: Ricky Martin.

With pencil, paper, hope, and love, Thiago sent an emotional letter asking for help to complete his mother’s dream and obtained the support of the internet, touching hundreds of hearts.

Everything to see mom happy

Thiago discovered that the production of eldoce, a local television station, is in Córdoba, Argentina, for a competition, including Ricky Martin, and saw the perfect opportunity for his mother to fulfill her dream.

Despite the great coincidence, Thiago faced several problems. The first is that he is too small to participate in the dynamics, and the second is that he cannot afford the tickets to attend the concert that the artist will give in the city.

However, he is willing to make mom smile, so he sent a letter and breakfast to the show’s production asking for help.

His letter moves the world.

Hi, I’m Thiago. I’m 8 years old. I brought something rich that I bought with my savings. So enjoy it, all I ask for my mom is to meet Ricky Martin. I cannot participate in the competition because I am a small child, I do not arrive with my savings to buy the ticket.

And the gift that my mom would give Ricky Martin is eternal life, and a big hug because Mom is sick of a brain tumor, cancer, cries a lot when the needles are pricked. My brothers and I play Ricky Martin’s music to cheer her up, and my mom laughs with me, she’s happy.

I ask you for help so that my mom meets him and hugs him, nothing more, please. God, help me. Mommy would give her eternal life. Thiago

Hope shines in the heart

In the letter, he explains to the producers that his mother is sick and is in treatment, in addition to how much she likes Boricua music.

Despite the moving gesture, it is unknown if the producers of the program will make a living together possible or if the singer has already heard about the sweet request. We only have to wish Thiago and his mom luck.