Christmas props and sets to have the best souvenir photos

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Alone or with your partner or with your family, it doesn’t matter. You will get the best Christmas photos with these tips. Be in the feeling of the next parties.

It is here. It is here! Christmas is just around the corner. Do not let time eat you and put the batteries with these Christmas sets so that you and your guests have fun for a while in a magical photo shoot. Actually, you don’t need to have a huge space to achieve it.

Remember that it is about making each Christmas different. Believe me. It is not necessary to make a high expense. You can create your own photoset with what you have at home. Here are some ideas.

So simple next to your Christmas tree

Most of us put a tree at home, so almost everything is solved. The only extra thing you need to create an excellent photographic set is a small chair with a Christmas blanket or cushion. And ready!

With a thousand lights

Get a series of white waterfall lights, and you will get it easily, a light curtain that you can undoubtedly accompany with Christmas Eve, a figure (for example, Santa Claus) and again cushions.

Use balloons

Balloons are always beautiful, get a few that are giant, and put metallic wicks. These are also for December 31 if you prefer. 

Use woods

Recycle decoration or get some at craft stores. You can leave it natural or paint them white with silver. It would also be great to place large letters with little lights; Maybe forming the last name that represents all your guests or the word Christmas.


You don’t need Christmas sets to create these kinds of photos. Buy sparklers and use them as props to make your photos look great.

Christmas lights

Mainly recommended to lovers. Get a series of lights, the one you like best. The idea is that you and your partner get trapped up in it. This is the best way to use Christmas lights as props without assembling Christmas sets.

Christmas sets in the garden

In the yard or garden, it doesn’t matter. It’s about making a vintage-style Christmas set. The props that you see around you, these can also be found in craft stores at a low cost.

A tree with branches

If you want something beautiful, original, but less work. A Christmas tree is maybe the solution. Your guests will go crazy in the photoshoot.

The redcap

This accessory cannot be missed. To assemble this type of Christmas set, I recommend you only have a fireplace and a white Christmas series in the background. 

Christmas sets with spheres

Get giant balls of different shapes and make your photo set with these hanging.

Your soulmate can’t be left behind

It’s time to put on your pajamas! Yes, you can take it as props. Do not forget Christmas lights. They are keys.

Without complications

If you think your wallet is no longer enough, try this now. You will love it!