Christmas: Ten things you should get rid of before Christmas Eve


The time to throw some things has arrived. Free yourself from the unnecessary and receive Christmas as it should.

Christmas is one of the most anticipated dates for young and old. In addition to gifts, Christmas Eve is the perfect excuse to share a family moment. However, no one imagines spending parties with a house full of accumulated objects, right?

We are going to tell you, what are those things that we should get rid of, before Christmas. Attentive and take note.

9. Expired food

It is a good excuse to dump all those products that have already expired from your refrigerator. Remember that more space, better at Christmas because this space will be filled with the dishes you will prepare and the food that you will buy for the holidays.

8. Abandoned toys

It is usual for your children to get bored of playing with the same toys, this happens as they grow. Take advantage of that and give toys that are in good condition to children or social organizations. Remember that your children this Christmas will receive new gifts.

7. Antiquated Christmas decorations

Each Christmas, we add more Christmas decorations and keep them in a box that is getting bigger and bigger. Do not accumulate ornaments that are already outdated, very old, or that do not combine with the rest of your collection.

6. Wrapping paper

Unless you have a special place to store the paper rolls, they will be well preserved, because if you do it anywhere, it will most likely be folded and wrinkled.

5. Tuppers without covers

Tappers without cover or very old ones disappear. For this season, you will need your complete tappers because, at Christmas time, you always share what you cook.

4. Unwanted Gifts

Now that you will exchange gifts, take a look at the ones you received last year and have not used it, nor paid interest throughout the year. If you know that someone might like to give it away, just be careful not to do it to someone in the same circle as the person who gave it to you.

3. Cosmetics

As well as food, makeup also expires. If you have makeup that you have not used and still retain it, you better get rid of it. Leave only what you will use.

2. Clothes

Remove all the clothes that are no longer your size, and you will not use them again. Give them as long as they are in good condition.

1. Wallets

Take a look at your wallets, with so many purchases you will make before Christmas it will be filled with tickets and purchase tickets. Clean your wallet and throw away all the papers inside.


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