Coronavirus: how to telework at home and not die trying

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People who work from home are usually accustomed to doing this type of work. How to telework at home and not die trying should be a priority right now, because of coronavirus, this option is extended in many companies.

We give you some tips to be more profitable when doing distance work.

Get up as if you were going to work.

So that the day can spread much more, it is best to get up as if we went to work every day. That is, we shower, we dress and breakfast well to put ourselves to the load.

Avoid distractions

There are those who work with radio and television on, but if you are not used to telecommuting from home, it is better that you avoid all kinds of distractions so that you focus on what is important. Our home is full of temptations not to end up working so that concentration will be your best ally.

Make some stop to rest

We can make some stops to stretch, exercise, and go around in the street in case we can leave home. You will return renewed and with the batteries charged to continue with the work again.

Contact with other workers

In order not to feel isolated, keep “virtually” contact with the rest of the company’s employees. It is good and necessary to enhance online meetings, skypes, and use virtual programs in order to be all coordinated and work much better.

Work in the home office or look for a quiet area

As we have said, when we work, we must avoid distractions, or else the day will be endless. If you have a desk or office, it is perfect for doing these tasks, if not, you can find a quiet place or one that inspires you to move on.

Lunch at home or outside

If you can leave home, it is best to stop and have lunch away from home. Well, we spend so many hours in one place that we can get overwhelmed.


Once the time set for work is finished, close computers and mails, and leave them in the place intended for this purpose until the next day. Touch to do other things.