Coronavirus: Puppy tested positive and quarantined

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In recent days several countries have confirmed that the coronavirus COVID-19 has reached their respective territories: USA, Uk Mexico, Brazil, Italy. Although the main form of infection is from human to human, health authorities discovered that companion pets could acquire the virus. Is your “best friend” in danger?

Hong Kong stated that all companion animals of people infected with the new coronavirus would also be quarantined for 14 days. This decision was made after discovering that a sick woman’s dog was contaminated.

The animal has no symptoms but “samples collected in the nasal and oral cavity tested positive, at very low levels, COVID-19,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environmental Protection of Hong Kong.

The authorities did not explain the reasons for testing the animal.

The owner of the dog tested positive Thursday and is in quarantine. Your pet should be subjected to other tests and will be quarantined in an animal shelter.

There is no evidence that animals such as cats or dogs can become infected with this virus or transmit it to humans, but even so, the ministry estimated that companion animal of infected people would have to remain isolated for two weeks.

Hong Kong has 94 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, according to a new balance sheet announced Friday. So far, two people have died due to COVID-19.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends carefully handling meat, milk or raw animal organs to avoid contamination of uncooked food. Similarly, if you visit a live animal market, avoid direct contact with the animals and the surfaces that are in contact with them.

Symptoms and signs

  1. Fever
  2. Dyspnea and invasive pulmonary infiltrates in both lungs observable on radiography
  3. Fatigue
  4. Dry cough

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