Coronavirus sufferers in Italy say goodbye to their relatives from video calls

Currently Italy has one of the highest death rates in the world due to the coronavirus, even higher than the one that China had, where the disease originated. It is reported that at least 600 people per day die on the Italian peninsula, many of them in complete isolation and loneliness, which is truly sad, as many people have left this world without saying goodbye to their loved ones.

It is for this painful reason that a doctor created the initiative to bring tablets to the sick in hospitals so that they can communicate with their relatives through video calls and, in the worst case, say goodbye to them.

The tablets were donated by a group of affiliates to the Democratic Party in Milan, so that people admitted to the San Carlos Hospital for coronavirus are safely accompanied by their loved ones.

The idea arises after Dr. Cortellaro, head of the hospital, saw several patients die in total solitude, according to Lorenzo Musotto, councilor of Milan’s Zone 6, on Facebook.

“This hurts me more than death itself and because there are certainly other nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices where there is no longer the possibility of saying goodbye to limit the virus,” he added.

Musotto’s post soon went viral, and users called this initiative a beacon of hope in days of discouragement and fear.

Many people want to contribute their grain of sand and are donating devices for the cause. In other publications, Italians are being encouraged to donate phones or tablets, thereby giving patients the right to say goodbye to their families.

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