Coronavirus: the image of a nurse with a shattered face goes viral

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In the last hours, the image of a Chinese nurse with a broken face after an endless day’s work is going around the world. You can see the marks that the protective glasses and the mask have left on her face. Chinese health workers are running a time trial race to fight against the coronavirus, and this involves working for many hours in a row, sometimes without rest.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus began at the end of December 2019, there are many stories we have known about health professionals in China.

A few weeks ago, we said that several Chinese nurses had decided to shave their hair to take less time to put on protective suits. There is not a single minute to lose. We also remember the doctor who died of a heart attack after working for a week without rest taking in the province of Hubei.

But not only health personnel are resorting to extreme measures to slow the progression of the disease. In the absence of masks, the Chinese decide to protect themselves as they can. There are those who choose to put water bottles on their heads, while others choose to dress up.

The fight against the coronavirus

Meanwhile, the coronavirus continues its unstoppable progress worldwide. There are already more than 3,286 people killed due to the disease, the vast majority of them in China. In the USA, the number of infected people are 159.

At the moment, South Korea, Italy, and Iran are among the most affected countries, just behind China.

The photograph of the Chinese nurse with the shattered face should help us to reflect on the efforts that the toilets are making to stop the progression of the disease.