Couple advances their wedding so that their sick dog can accompany them

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All, or almost all, we have had a pet that we carry in our hearts. For Stelle Harris of Derbyshire, UK, the click with her dog Bruce was almost instantaneous. She adopted him when he was just a puppy, and their bond grew stronger every day.

A year later, Stelle meets Daniel, the man she fell in love with, and who also adored her puppy; everything seemed to indicate that they were in the perfect relationship. They loved him so much that after committing, they knew he had to be an important part of the ceremony.

It was love at first sight

One unexpected day Bruce had to be rushed to the emergency room immediately; his gums were white, and his tongue was blue. They detected excess fluid in his lungs and chest, and after several tests, they made the worst of it: he had cancer of the chest.

He had little time left to live

The vet reported that Bruce had only a few months to live. Its owner reported the serious situation of her partner with a lump in his throat:

My whole world is falling apart, knowing that it is dying and there is nothing I can do about it. He arrived on Monday, and they performed the seven-hour operation, and they had to have some ribs removed due to the cancerous mass.

Stelle and Daniel had to make an important decision: bring their wedding date forward so that their four-legged friend could be part of that special day.

He had to be present

On the big day, Bruce wore a black vest with a shirt and tie included! And he was the one who enjoyed the party the most, and he was very happy with his beloved owners who have tried hard to give him a life full of love.

Now it will be present in the best memories

It was worth this detail so that Bruce was part of this great moment.