Couple dress their turtle with matching outfits and Internet users get angry

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Internet superstars are always dogs or cats, sometimes raccoons, although it is very rare to see posts about them, but today we have to throw stardom at an animal that has a lot of styles and carries his huge house on his back. Yes, we are talking about a turtle.

Kasey Kuchinsky and Daniel Rodriguez live in Sonoma, California, and for some time, they have had the hobby of dressing their turtle Sulcata, 10 kilos, with clothes similar to those they wear. The trio dresses and poses with their incredible outfits to upload the images to their Instagram account. Some internet users have protested because it is about animal cruelty.

Not everyone likes the idea of ​​dressing a turtle.

Instagram account has constantly been growing; so far, they have more than 38 thousand followers, however not everyone likes to dress the turtle and constantly send them messages with complaints or criticisms. During an interview, the couple reported what the situation is:

It’s really no different than putting on a dog’s jacket or shoes on a baby. No, it certainly isn’t necessary, but damn, it’s fun and cute! Ethel, the turtle, really doesn’t care at all.

The turtle does not wear clothes all the time.

Kasey said the turtle only uses clothes for photographs, which are generally 10 or 15 minutes a day and only every two weeks; She even invited network users to visit her so they could see that most of the time, he has nothing on.

The couple always wanted a giant tortoise.

They wanted a pet, but one that was special and unique, so when they saw the turtle, they didn’t hesitate to adopt it. Now Ethel is everything to them.

They design the outfits

They both work all week, but when they come up with the idea of ​​an outfit, they work very seriously on them. As for Ethel, well, they do it thinking that it doesn’t bother or harm the turtle.

Usually, I have three or four ideas stored, and I just wait for the right time to do each one; For example, next week, the idea is a picnic. We have to choose the concept of colors and make Ethel’s outfit; It’s something that takes time, but it’s totally worth it.

Photo sessions are very fast.

The couple uses fruits or the food that Ethel likes best to turn towards the camera while they take the photos.

We just glue them with some adhesive tape, then use the remote control. Everything has to be very fast because Ethel loses interest very quickly.

Some users applaud their fun hobby.

People will always have something negative to say! If the turtle were left in the yard being treated like a turtle, they would criticize that and say it should be treated better! People are ridiculous!

The best part of all this was the smile on the turtle when he was dressed in a checkered outfit.

I’m sure that the turtle is smiling.

Ethel is part of the family, and they have never thought about hurting him, they just want to share with him all the possible moments.