Couple Pretend Fake Marriage Proposal To Get Free Drinks At Bar

Goals in a couple: Corinne Miller, 29, and Adam Carroll, 28, faked a marriage proposal to get free drinks at a restaurant and their plan was successful.

The false proposal was carried out in July 2019; however, the story has gone viral in the last hours.

Love conquers all

They only had a month of relationship when they travelled to Atlanta to celebrate Corinne’s birthday with a romantic dinner, but the menu prices were quite high, so to save some money Adam pretended to ask Corinne to marry in front of the other people, obtaining an applause, free drinks and a discount on the total consumption.

The performance was so incredible that the couple managed to fool the guests, employees and even the manager, who congratulated them personally.

But the story does not end here. Seeing that their plan had worked, they went to another bar where they continued with their “commitment” obtaining more free drinks, food and desserts.

The third time’s the charm.

The couple enjoyed life as much as promised that six months later and during Adam’s birthday party, he delivered a real engagement ring to Corinne, and now they are planning their wedding.

The best experiences are as a couple.

We both have exactly the same sense of humour, that is one of the main elements in our relationship. At that time people started to applaud us, buy us drinks and congratulate us, it was very funny and definitely a great way to get free food.

It has been a dizzying romance. We were best friends for eight years, and that trip to Atlanta was our first trip together. I’m glad I did it, we saved enough money so that Adam could get me a real engagement ring!

—Corinne Miller

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