Crying inside the car helps you lose weight: study

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One of our most constant desires or purposes is to lose those ‘extra pounds’ permanently.

That is why although it is probably going to sound strange, we present you with this new way of losing weight, something that you have probably never heard before: crying. No, it is no madness or lie, because it is supported by a study conducted by the St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center in Minnesota, and also a stress expert: Pete Sulack, stated how it could be possible.

What is the relationship between crying and weight?

When we are stressed, with panic or anxiety, our body discharges a series of hormones such as cortisol and prolactins that make us feel the need to eat more, so it is difficult to leave those binge-eating that are definitely not good, in addition to causing abdominal fat adheres to our body, so according to Sulack, this is the relationship between crying and your weight.

By eliminating these hormones, you reduce cortisol levels, a substance that favours the retention of fat in the body. Therefore, when you cry, you not only feel more relaxed but avoid weight gain.

—Dr. Pete Sulack

What is the perfect place to do it?

Not all of us have so little shame that they see us crying in public, or even it is something we hate to happen, so in case you don’t like crying on public transport, in a cafe or the streets we can tell you that both your room and the car are the perfect places, and if you want the tears to come out more quickly you can put nostalgic songs. Rest assured that you will feel very relaxed after that.

The time has come to make a change in my fitness routine!

Well, not really. Although it is much simpler than it seems, not all crying can cause us to lose weight, because only tears of genuine sadness or grief are those that make cortisol or prolactin decrease.

So if your new idea of ​​losing weight was an inscription to the theater class to be a drama queen, watch sad movies all weekend or chop an onion for an hour and a half every third day, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not going to turn out that way. But if you feel very stressed, of course, this technique will work for you, because not only will you relax and let off steam but you will also see it reflected with a few grams less on the scale.