The interesting petty side of famous celebrities

They are human after-all

All of us including some of our famous celebreties had some bad attitude.

Steve Jobs Chose Apple’s Name For A Good Reason

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Most company names have a deep meaning that reflects the corporation’s values and mission statement. According to Jobs, he and his tech partner Steve Wozniak were brainstorming names and “Apple Computer” got brought up.

They weren’t sure about the name, but Jobs had previously worked at Atari and wanted their company to be listed ahead of Atari in the phone book. So, Jobs decided he didn’t care as much about the name, he just wanted to get back at his former employer.

An Actress Shaded Shonda Rhimes, So She Kicked Them Off Her Show

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Katherine Heigl made a name for herself as Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy. Fans of the show loved the character, but Heigl did not. In 2008, she declined her Emmy nomination for the role because she didn’t feel she “was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination.”

The statement left a Shonda feeling bitter, so she wrote Heigl out of the show. Don’t mess with Shonda or her Shondaland fans, because you’ll end up out of a job.

Calvin Harris Refused To Give Up The Rights To A Song

Photo credit: Taylor Hill / Getty Images

It appears that Harris was pretty broken up after he and singer Rita Ora parted ways. Not long after the breakup, Ora was set to perform “I Will Never Let You Down,” at the Teen Choice Awards. Except it never happened because Harris, who has writing and producing credits on the song, didn’t approve the rights to broadcast on TV.

It probably didn’t help that the song is about two lovers always being there for each other through the good times and the bad. Keep reading to see what happens when athletes take the competition off the court.

Martha Stewart Started A Battle Of Recipe Names

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

Stewart and actress-turned-lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow used to be on good terms, but that change in 2014. Stewart didn’t like the Paltrow started Goop, and thought she should stick to acting. To make this clear, Stewart posted a pie recipe called “Conscious Coupling.” Why does that matter? Because it was right after Paltrow split from her ex-husband Chris Martin due to “conscious uncoupling.”

Paltrow returned the favor by posting a similar recipe on her Goop website called “jailbird cake” referencing Stewart’s stint in prison in 2004.

Burt Reynolds Flung Poop At The “National Enquirer” Christmas Tree

Photo credit: Herbert Dorfman / Corbis / Getty Images

At some point, Reynolds must have become sick and tired of defending himself against rumors started by the National Enquirer. The tabloid had a tradition of erecting a Christmas tree in front of their headquarters in Lantana, Florida. To get back at them, Reynolds rented a helicopter and tossed horse manure at the tree.

Why? No one really knows. Maybe it was a reference for all the times the tabloid threw metaphorical poop at him over the years.

Lebron Threw A Shade-Filled Party

Photo credit: @theScoreNBA / Twitter

LeBron James threw a different kind of shade when he hosted a Halloween party in 2016 that had an anti-Golden State Warriors theme. He had multiple decorations that referenced how the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the finals, and cookies throwing shade at Klay Thompson and Steph Curry.

The party didn’t do much, since the Warriors went on to win the NBA championship in 2017 and 2018.

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