These Celebrities Wore the Same Outfit More Than Once and Looked Amazing

Such gorgeous superstars!

The celebrities posted below wore the same outfit more than once but still looked very pretty.

Padma Lakshmi

© padmalakshmi / instagram © padmalakshmi / instagram

Padma Lakshmi looked stunning in this red dress by J. Mendel in 2018 at the Emmy Awards ceremony. However, for some people, this image looked familiar. All because Padma had already shown up in this dress in 2017 at the Vogue India Women of the Year Award. The actress explained her choice of attire by the fact that time and work spent creating this dress deserves that it be worn again and again. For Lakshmi, wearing it will show how valuable it is.

Naomi Campbell

© naomicampbellonline / instagram

Naomi Campbell shined in her silver Versace dress at the “Fragrance Foundation Awards” in 2015 where nominees were awarded for significant achievements in the perfume field. However, it was in 1998 when Naomi first put on this dress. Despite such a big time gap, the garment looked as stunning as before.

Helen Mirren

© Everett Collection / Eastnews © Everett Collection / Eastnews © James Warren / Eastnews © Jon Furniss/Invision/INVW / Eastnews

Helen Mirren loved her black dress with a green flower print created by Dolce & Gabbana so much — that she wore it quite often from 2013-2015. It was this dress that she was wearing at the premiere performance of Finding Neverland and A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as at “The Prince’s Trust & Samsung Celebrate Success Awards” and the “Empire Awards.” Thanks to correctly chosen cardigans, accessories, and shoes, Helen managed to make her every appearance look unique and different from the others, at the same time keeping her traditional elegant style.

Helena Bonham Carter

© Gorassini Giancarlo / Eastnews © Richard Kendal/Retna Pictures / Eastnews © Mayer/face to face / Eastnews

Helena Bonham Carter always has a unique sense of style and chooses her garments in accordance with her inner sense of perception of the world. She could easily appear in the same dress at different events. In March 2010, the actress came to the to the premiere of the movie Alice in Wonderland in a scarlet atlas dress. Later she showed up twice in the same dress — at the BAFTA Awards in London and at a tea party for the same awards in Los Angeles.

Keira Knightley

© keira_knightley_ / instagram © BazaarUK / twitter

In 2013, Keira Knightley chose a Chanel, knee-length, tulle dress as her wedding attire. However, after the celebration, the actress didn’t want to say goodbye to her favorite piece of clothing and later attended an annual charity evening called the “Serious Fun Gala” aimed at raising funds for the rehabilitation of children’s camps, wearing the same dress. But this time the dress had additional long transparent sleeves, which made the actress look completely different.

Kirsten Dunst

© CelebStarzNews / twitter

Kirsten Dunst showed up in her tiny lace dress by Christian Lacroix at the Vanity Fair party for The Oscars in 2004. 13 years later, the actress repeated her look at the presentation of a new collection by “The Garden of Kalahari” in Paris.

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