These Hipster Restaurants Are Just Amazing

These foods are just too cute to be eaten.

The hipster restaurants posted below are beyond amazing.

It’s Prosciutto Barbie!


I’ve heard rumors of putting shrimp on Barbie, but never prosciutto. I don’t know about you, but this is one of the most unappetizing meals of all-time. Like, is this supposed to be artwork for a restaurant?

Either way, five-year-old girls are going to have nightmares when they see this for the first time.

Broccoli Trees


Oh my, food that looks so much like the trees I drew in art class. As you can tell, I wasn’t the most artistic person. It’s like my least talented skill was brought to life for some odd reason.

But, I had crafty hands for things like gift wrapping and playing hockey.

You Okay Over There?


It may take a while for you to open up about it. Someone was served this food in Cuba, and I have no idea why. Like, this could have been a new urinal, but it just lost its original purpose for good.

Come on, man, this clearly isn’t a good look.

Read ahead to see who thought it was a good idea to mock a Canadian DJ.

The Year Is 1800


That’s some grade A hipster try-hard stuff. It’s hard to disagree with the statement because some hipster went above and beyond like nobody else ever would. I would be shocked to see this as my bill.

But, I would be quick to ask “Is this the year 1800?”

Drinks Are A New Whole Challenge


Serving food is easy, but bloody marys in a fry basket is a different story. Because any hipster will be like “Oh that’s different from any other mainstream restaurant!” I don’t think I would be happy that this is considered a bold move.

What’s next, gin and tonic in bucket hats?



Ummm what? I understand the scenario with the rat and cheese, but there’s no need to mock the Canadian DJ. Like, he can go off on a tangent sometimes, but that’s just apart of who he is.

The only acceptable time do this would be on Halloween, and that’s it.

What’s the deal with chips on hangers? You’ll find out soon enough about the weird story behind that.

The Pillow Was The Only Good Thing


So really though, that’s a weird way to use a pillow. Some of the local hipsters in the nearby area may be all for it, but part of me is ready to nap after having a meal at this restaurant.

But, next time, this place needs levitating plates for an authentic look.

Butter Rock


Toss away the butter dish because this rock has taken on a whole new use. For once, a rock with butter on top is the cherry on top for your breakfast. I’m sure whoever came up with this was fantasizing about this since they were a kid.

This could become the norm for butter.

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