These Rainbow Colors Are Just Amazing!

Can I have a rainbow color now!

Amazing is an understatement for these rainbow colors.

A Wonderful Wedding Present

Photo Credit: rainbowbakery / Reddit

This bride’s parents wanted to get her and her new husband fiestaware as a wedding gift for their new apartment. They said she could pick any color she wanted, so obviously, she chose rainbow.

I love that all the stacks are in the correct rainbow order.

Anyone Getting Married Soon?

Photo Credit: scaffelpike / Reddit

This dress is taking my breath away. I didn’t even know that you could get a wedding dress this beautiful.

I also love all the rainbow flowers in the background of this photo. Can my wedding just be rainbow everything? Why have one color when you can have all the colors?

He’s Helping

Photo Credit: scaffelpike / Reddit

This cat knows that it’s essential to blend your colors. Now this person has a rainbow driveway and a rainbow cat. It’s a win-win situation.

I wish there was a rainbow cat at the end of every rainbow. Now we just have to stick a Pop Tart on him and he can be the Nyan Cat.

Hologram Hair

Photo Credit: scaffelpike / Reddit

I don’t even know how one achieves this hair color. It probably involves a lot of bleach. I would do this to my hair in a second if the upkeep wasn’t so annoying.

It would look awesome for like two weeks and then my roots would grow in and it would be a mess.

Nice One, Miami

Photo Credit: peachfaery / Reddit

This photo was taken at the Miami International Airport. It’s so simple, yet so soothing. I love that the filter almost creates a haze around the windows.

Every airport should have rainbow windows. I don’t even know why non-rainbow windows exist. All the colors all the time, please.

Fancy Flatware

Photo Credit: kalebdraws / Reddit

This cutlery set is made out of anodized silver. That’s why it looks like a metallic rainbow explosion. I bet food tastes better when you eat it off of a rainbow fork. I bet rainbow knives cut better and rainbow spoons scoop soup better.

Rainbows are just better in general.

This Cake Is A Goth Rainbow Dream

Photo Credit: scaffelpike / Reddit

I bet this cake is full of fun colors on the inside. Those sprinkles are pretty magical, though. Just a warning to whoever is thinking about eating this cake — your mouth is going to look like a black hole from all of that icing.

Invest in some whitening toothpaste.

A Rainbow Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: Castle0nACloud / Reddit

You could put only white decorations on a tree like this to make it super chic and classy (or as chic and classy as a rainbow Christmas tree is going to get), or you could get rainbow baubles and turn this thing into a hot mess.

I vote hot mess.

Give Me This Hair Immediately

Photo Credit: scaffelpike / Reddit

I am freaking out at the sheer artistry of this masterpiece. The only thing that’s bothering me is that he mustache is still brown. How about we jazz that thing up with some rainbow designs?

Even a black mustache would look cooler than his natural hair color.

What do you think?

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