These Celebrities Are Not Proud Of Their Family Secrets

Dark secrets of Hollywood Stars!

The Woman Jack Nicholson Thought Was His Sister Was Really His Mom

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When Nicholson’s mother June became pregnant at 17, her parents decided to raise the child as their own. Nicholson grew up believing his mother was his sister. The worst part is, no one ever told him! He found out about it when a reporter for TIME broke the news.

Nicholson never even got to learn the identity of his father, because both his mother and grandmother had passed when he found out.

Mariah Carey’s Older Sister Wants Her Help


Mariah Carey’s older sister Alison has been nothing but a pain in her side. Alison has lived with a tragic situation of being both HIV positive and battling drug addiction for years. Alison is a former prostitute who claims she’s asked Mimi for help and never received it.

Mariah completely disregards all questions about Alison. It seems like some truly bad blood.

Charlize Theron Watched Her Mom Shoot Her Dad

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Seeing any death can be traumatic enough, but when Theron was only a teenager, she witnessed her mother shoot her alcoholic father in self-defense. No charges were laid, but the experience still left an emotional scar.

Theron rarely talks about the situation but has admitted that the traumatic experience has changed the way she plays certain roles.

The celebrity coming up was recently disgraced themselves, but they also hid their father’s secrets.

Joaquin Phoenix Was Born Into A Cult

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Joaquin was originally born in Puerto Rico with the name Joaquin Rafael Bottom. His parents were a part of The Children of God, which is a notorious cult that had more tha a hundred communities worldwide.

When Phoenix was only four, his parents fled the cult and moved to America.

Oddly Enough, So Was Rose McGowan

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Yes, Rose McGowan was born into the same cult as Joaquin Phoenix, except in a different community. Rose’s parents were heavily involved in The Children of God.

It was actually Rose who chose to flee the cult forever when she started to see women being mistreated and forced to act as servants to the men in the community.

Kevin Spacey’s Father Was A Neo-Nazi

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Kevin is now a disgraced actor thanks to the recent scandal that broke about his sexual abuse of a child actor, but his dad wasn’t much better. Kevin’s brother Randall revealed that their father was a member of the American Nazi Party and frequently abused his kids.

Kevin always kept quiet about the allegations.

The next actress learned the hard way that her rockstar father wasn’t who she thought he was.

Liv Tyler Didn’t Know Steven Tyler Was Her Dad

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Yes, we’re talking about Steven Tyler from The Rolling Stones. Liv originally believed that musician Todd Rundgren was her father. When she was eight, she had a chance to meet with Steven Tyler and he pointed out their similarities.

Eventually, her mother Bebe confessed that Steven was the real father, and she kept it a secret because Steven had a heavy addiction during the relationship. Hey, two rockstar dads are better than one.

Both Of Sofia Vergara’s Brothers Have Bad History


It seems Sofia is the only normal one in her family. One of her brothers was murdered in a botched kidnapping attempt when she was just a young girl living in Columbia.

The family moved to America after this, but her other remaining brother ended up struggling with addiction, which got him deported back to Columbia in 2011.

Richard Pryor Was Raised In A Brothel

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The legendary actor and comedian had a rough life that included seven marriages and lighting himself on fire once. His rough life was thanks to a rough upbringing.

Pryor was born to his mother, Gertrude, who was a prostitute working in a brothel owned by his grandmother Marie.

Continue reading to see which Jackson family member exposed a secret that the family argues about to this day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hated His Abusive Dad

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Growing up in Austria with a former army serviceman for a dad wasn’t easy, but the abuse that Gustav put on Arnold didn’t help. Gustav apparently hated his son and believed he was gay because he had posters of male bodybuilders all over the walls.

Gustav would even deny Arnold was his biological son.

It Was Robert Downey Jr.’s Father That Kicked Off His Drug Addiction

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Today, RDJ is clean and living life as one of the most popular actors in the world, but that comes after a lifetime of addiction. His struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction began when he was only 8-years-old thanks to his father.

RDJ actually said that drugs were the way he and his father bonded for most of his life.

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