These costume mistakes in major films is just interesting!

No all films are perfect after-all

Dirty Dancing: Baby’s Shorts Needed To Be A Skirt

Photo Credit: @didiine76 / Twitter

Baby’s style wasn’t so much emblematic of her time as it was an inspiration for her time. The movie was set in 1963, even though it was filmed in the ’80s.

Those jean shorts she wears came into fashion in the ’80s. Nobody would be caught dead in those in the ’60s.

Legends of the Fall: Brad Pitt’s Blonde Hair Was Too Perfect

Photo Credit: @jmclark1181 / Twitter

In Legends of the Fall, Brad Pitt plays Tristan Ludlow, a cowboy coming of age in the early 1900s.

His hair, however, looks like it belongs in the ’60s. Also, his shoddy shave would never pass in those days. He looks more like a glam rock star than a turn of the century farm hand.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: An Extra Is Actually Wearing Jeans

Photo Credit: zoo-death / Imgur

If you look closely in the background of this shot, you can see that there’s an extra walking around wearing a pair of blue jeans.

I just don’t think that jeans were a thing in Egypt in the 1930s. Maybe that guy was part of the crew and he wasn’t supposed to be in the shot.

Captain America (The First Avenger): Hair Needs To Be Up Here

Photo Credit: @clarkesatwell / Twitter

Look, we can all agree that Peggy is super attractive. I know that I love her gorgeous wavy brown hair. The thing is, that hair just isn’t army appropriate.

Even though it fits the time period, during the war, women were required to have their hair up off their collar and tied back.

The Ten Commandments: Nefertiri’s Dress Is Just Too Advanced

Photo Credit: Imgur

I still think that The Ten Commandments is the best biblical film ever made. That doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, though. Anna Baxter as Nefertiti wears a stunning blue dress.

The problem? Nobody had access to blue dye during that time period. It was incredibly difficult to make and even when it was available much later, it was reserved for royalty. I know Nefertiti was royalty, but it’s just a little too early for that shade of blue.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Telescopes Didn’t Exist Yet

Photo Credit: SomeoneTookMyUsernameToo / Imgur

The scene where Costner and Freeman look through their telescope in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves isn’t entirely accurate. Telescopes like this one were invented in the 17th century after the events of this film take place.

There’s no way Robin Hood would have a compact telescope at his disposal.

Captain America (The First Avenger): The Headset Didn’t Exist Yet

Photo Credit: @TheMCUExchange / Twitter

I commend Marvel for doing a period piece, but if you’re going to do it, do it right. That radio earpiece that Jim Mortia wears in the film looks a little bit out of place.

The system was designed much later, around the year 2000. That means there’s no way the military had it during WWII.

Almost Famous: The Black Sabbath T-shirt

Photo Credit: Imgur

Almost Famous has become something of a modern classic. It follows an aspiring rock and roll journalist as he tours around the country with one of his favorite bands.

For a movie all about rock and roll, it seems odd that they missed this piece of rock trivia. One of the cast members wears a Black Sabbath t-shirt in the movie, but those shirts were made in 1997. The movie is set in the early ’70s.

Django Unchained: Sunglasses Didn’t Exist Yet

Photo Credit: @DeeZeyDeeZe / Twitter

It’s a good thing Tarantino wasn’t exactly going for realism in this film. This movie was everything we didn’t know we needed. It made almost $300,000,000 worldwide, but this awesome movie still had its flaws.

Those sunglasses were invented in 1929. Sorry, Django, you’re just going to have to squint.

Saving Private Ryan: The Case Of The Black Boots

Photo Credit: Imgur

This epic war thriller has become the film that kids watch in school about WWII. I bet you saw it for the first time in a high school history class.

The film isn’t entirely historically accurate, though. The black boots that Matt Damon wears throughout the movie weren’t introduced until the 1950s.

The Untouchables: Lapels Didn’t Exist Yet

Photo Credit: Culture Buzz

The jacket Costner wears as Eliot Ness in The Untouchables came to define gangsters for years, but did you notice the one glaring mistake with this costume choice?

Lapels were only introduced around 1989, so this fantastic movie isn’t completely historically accurate. What did people do before lapels?

Catch Me If You Can: Braces Didn’t Exist Yet

Photo Credit: @ThomasJLuca / Twitter

This movie about a world-class fraud played by Leonardo DiCaprio took place in the 1960s. In one scene, we see Amy Adams as a nurse with braces.

Braces like these ones were used in the 1970s, which is a decade after the events of the film.

American Hustle: No Rolex Watches In The 70s

Photo Credit: Imgur

This costume mistake is so small and insignificant that you may have totally missed it— but don’t worry, we caught it for you.

In American Hustle, Louis CK wears a Rolex that didn’t exist until 2010. That seems pretty out of place for a film that’s set in the 70s.

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