These Housekeepers Knew The Secrets Of Some Hollywood Stars


Christina Aguilera Loves To Spice Up Her Marriage

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

According to the pop singer’s housemaid, Xtina still likes to get Dirrty if you know what I mean. Back when she was married to Jordan Bratman, Christina would use sexy costumes to keep Bratman entertained in the bedroom.

The housekeeper exposed the fact that she would almost always come into work the next day and clean up a wide range of provocative costumes. Xtina used everything from “maid’s dresses” to “nurse’s uniforms.”

Ryan Gosling Pees Sitting Down

Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images

This Canadian hunk is apparently way weirder than anyone thought. His housekeeper explained that he always pees sitting down, which in hindsight probably makes their job a lot easier.

Ryan has some other strange habits too that his assistant exposed that include crawling up the stairs on all fours and sleeping with his head at the foot of the bed. Ryan, you’re lucky you’re so good-looking, because that’s real weird, but I respect it.

Jessica Simpson’s Hair Freaks Out The Maid

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The blonde hair, brown-eyed Texan babe is known for her looks, so it’s no surprise to anyone that Jessica might have a little bit of added help to achieve her look. Both her housekeeper and staffers freak out about the fact Jessica leaves her hair extensions everywhere. One of them even said, “it looks like an animal has been shedding.”

One housekeeper got an even worse scare when she thought she saw a huge black spider in Jess’ room, but it was just a fake eyelash.

Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Everything She’s Got For The Staff

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Numerous people who have worked for the former Friends starlet have confirmed she is not shy about showing off her body. Jennifer will constantly walk around the house topless, in sheer clothes, or with just her bra and underwear on.

I mean, if I look as good as her when I’m nearly 50, I’d also show it off for everyone to see. If you can’t be comfortable in your own home, what can you do?

Justin Theroux Consults Fifty Shades Of Grey

Marc Piasecki/WireImage/Getty Images

Things don’t need to be super obvious or thrown on the floor for housekeepers to learn your secrets. The same housekeeper that exposed Jennifer Aniston’s naked business also tells that her ex-hubby Theroux kept a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey on the bedside table.

In his defense, he could have just been enjoying the novel. But sources say the real reason was because the couple would consult the book for inspiration.

Sandra Bullock Basically Lives In A Cave


Okay, no, it’s not technically a cave since Sandra lives in a million dollar home, but she likes the housekeeping service to keep it looking like one. Sandra insists that the curtains always stay closed no matter what.

Sources say she does this because she doesn’t want the paparrazzi getting a glimpse of her adopted son, Louis. She’s so paranoid that she keeps the curtains closed even when they’re not at home.

George Clooney Has No Manners Around The Help

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Turner

Multiple housekeepers for Mr. Clooney have said that even though he seems like a gentleman on screen, he’s anything but that in person. Yes, he’s polite enough when speaking, but he has no boundaries and often farts and burps loudly near his household staff.

Clooney is also pretty stingy and marks how much alcohol is left in his bottles so that no housekeeper thinks they can take a swing. We hope Amal changed some of these habits.

Mariah Carey Always Has The Liquor Flowing

Sergione Infuso/Getty Images

Nearly every staff member in Mariah’s household has admitted that the songstress treats her staff extremely well. They definitely earn their keep though after hearing about her drinking antics.

Before she had her two kids, Mariah was known to “drink so much that she gets loopy” and would need her maids and assistants to help her get dressed. By the sounds of it though, having Morrocan and Monroe changed Mariah for the better.

Taylor Swift Is Officially A Crazy Cat Lady

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Taylor has become notoriously personal over the years, so it’s been hard to even catch a glimpse of what her house looks like. Her housekeeps admit that she’s exactly what you’d expect: a crazy cat lady. Along with her own cats, her entire home is filled with photos of the cats.

Most of her clothes and shoes have cat patterns, and one housekeeper even cleans up the cat food and milk that Taylor leaves outside for strays.

Housekeepers Find Cigerette Butts Everywhere In Kristen Stewart’s House

J. Countess/WireImage/Getty Images

Apparently, there’s nowhere Kristen Stewart won’t smoke when she’s at home. The moody actress is practically a chain smoker behind closed doors. Her housekeepers have had to clean out cigarette butts from everywhere you can imagine.

The Twilight actress leaves her cigarette butts in the shower, potted plants, and one housekeeper even found one “inside the fridge.” Hopefully, she kicks the habit or at least buys an ashtray soon. Just think about the curtains in her house.

Tom Cruise Runs His Home Like A Hotel

John Phillips/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Back when the legendary action star was married to Katie Holmes, housekeepers said cleaning their home was the hardest gig they ever had. Tom runs his home like a hotel when family and friends come to stay.

He was especially strict about how clean the house was and didn’t even trust his own wife. His employees said that Tom didn’t even allow Katie to use some parts of the house like the gym.

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