The Parents Of These Stars Are Also Famous Like Them

It runs in their blood!

Jennifer Aniston Wasn’t Allowed To Watch Her Father’s Performances

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Jennifer Aniston is the daughter of actor John Aniston and actress Nancy Dow. John was best known for his role on Days of Our Lives, while her mom starred on The Beverly Hillbillies.

Despite her Hollywood connections, she wasn’t allowed to actually watch television. She found ways to get around it but never could admit to her parents that she’d seen them on TV. Eventually, she discovered acting herself at school and the rest is television history.

Gwyneth Paltrow Is The Daughter Of Blythe Danner

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Most people today know Gwyneth Paltrow for being Tony Stark’s muse in the Iron Man series, as well as running her strange Goop lifestyle brand. But her mother is just as well known.

Blythe Danner might not sound like a name you recognize now, but she’s best known for her role as Will’s mom of the sitcom Will & Grace and for playing the mom in Meet the Parents which definitely aren’t just for Baby Boomers.

Angelina Jolie Hates Being Jon Voight’s Daughter

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Angelina has always been open about her dysfunctional father-daughter relationship. She was born in 1975 to Jon Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand, but the family quickly broke apart and left her scarred for life.

The two didn’t speak for years and Angelina chose to go by “Jolie” instead of “Voight” because of it. The two reconciled to star in the Lara Croft franchise but didn’t speak for six years after that. They have tried to reconcile since the death of Marcheline in 2007.

The actress coming up probably had no problem doing nude scenes thanks to her famous mom’s scandalous past.

Alexander Skarsgård Is The Son Of Stellan Skarsgård

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The hunky Tarzan actor is indeed the son of not-so-hunky Stellan. Both from Sweden, these blonde-haired, blue-eyed actors are powerhouses in their own regard. Alexander found fame as a vampire in True Blood while his dad has held roles in huge franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, Mamma Mia, and Thor.

I’m not sure how this wasn’t obvious earlier since the last name is pretty darn unique. Still, these two actors are from completely different generations so it’s understandable that people don’t make the connection.

Jeff Bridges Has An Old Hollywood Father

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Jeff is easily one of the coolest actors in Hollywood. He played The Dude in The Big Lebowski and gets to show off his evil chops as the villain in Iron Man. Still, his awesome credits can hardly compare to his father, Lloyd Bridges.

Lloyd might not be well-known to Gen X-ers but Baby Boomers would recognize him from one of his 150 feature films. Lloyd is an Old Hollywood legend.

Dakota Johnson Has Two Famous Parents

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Dakota seemed to come out of nowhere when she landed the lead role in the 50 Shades Of Grey franchise, but she has a long history of acting thanks to her parents. Her mother is actress Melanie Griffith, who you might remember from films like Buffalo Girls, Lolita, and Milk Money.

Griffith was married twice to another actor, Don Johnson, who you might remember for playing Sonny in Miami Vice. Dakota definitely has some serious acting genes.

The Parks And Recreation actress coming up spent her childhood around stars like Michael Jackson thanks to her dad.

Emma Roberts Is The Neice Of Julia Roberts

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The young actress began acting on the Nickelodeon television series Unfabulous and has since grown into more mature roles in American Horror Story and Scream Queens. Her father is Eric Roberts, an actor and director that saw the height of his fame in the ’80s.

Emma’s real Hollywood connection though isn’t her father, but her aunt, Julia Roberts. The two are incredibly close and can often be seen posing on the red carpet together.

Ben And Jerry Stiller Are Indeed Related

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Ben followed in his dad’s footsteps by growing up and turning to comedy. Ben has been a powerhouse comedic actor in films like Dodgeball and Night at the Museum, and he even teamed with his famous father in Zoolander. His father, Jerry Stiller, has held a variety of roles but is best known for playing Frank Costanza in Seinfeld.

It’s no wonder Ben got into the family business. His mother is also a comedic actress and his parents used to bring Ben along with them onto sets.

Rashida Jones Is The Daughter Of Musician Quincy Jones

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The Office and Parks and Recreation actress grew up in a family of stars thanks to her father, Quincy Jones. Quincy was the producer of Michael Jackson’s biggest albums like Off The Wall and Thriller.

Not only does Rashida have a famous dad, but her mom was American actress Peggy Lipton, who is best known as the original flower child from The Mod Squad. If that’s not enough, Rashida’s sister even dated rapper Tupac.

Keep reading to see which Grey’s Anatomy star is secretly related to Steven Spielberg.

Kate Hudson Is Goldie Hawn’s Daughter

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Award-winning actress Kate Hudson is the daughter of another award-winning actress. Goldie became engaged to musician Bill Hudson of the Hudson Brothers in 1976. They had two children, Oliver and Kate. Oliver is also in the acting business starring in TV shows like Splitting Up Together and Nashville but he doesn’t have the same star power as his younger sister.

In hindsight, it should have been easy to make the connection between these two blonde bombshells, but it went right over our head.

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