Datsun 240Z from 1971 is sold at more than the cost of a Lamborghini

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We are used to hearing about very expensive sports cars, and when talking about them, it is challenging to mention a model like the Nissan Datsun, but one of 1971 reached a record price, which is more than anyone pays for a Lamborghini.

It is a green Datsun 240Z, whose beauty leaves no doubt about why someone paid $ 170,000 to keep this jewel.

The line is known as Nissan S30, and in other markets such as the Datsun 240Z, it was the first generation of the two-seater coupe launched by the Japanese brand. It was produced from 1969 to 1978, being one of the most successful sports cars of its kind.

The 1971 model is one of the most popular, and in these times, according to the organizers of the auction, this in green color is the one that is in the best conditions in the world, since it is almost as new.

It turns out that a man bought it and kept it for a while until he gave it to his son when he graduated from college. But the son did not give it much use either, so he kept it and kept it in perfect condition.

After almost 50 years, this beauty only has 35,000 kilometers traveled, something that is not easy to find; Also, they only took it out in pleasant weather conditions, with sunshine but at a temperature that was not too high, so the paint and the details on the sides are the original ones.

The interior is also the same with which it was bought, with the seats in vinyl and with the details of the Z model in the seat belts, the floor, panels, and others.

It comes with a 2.4-liter engine, and the only change that has been made is to place a new distributor, now an electronic ignition. It has a power of 150 horsepower.

When the owner died, one of his friends bought the vehicle, and fortunately, he kept it in those perfect conditions in which the previous owners kept the car, and then decided to sell it.

Usually, these vehicles reach a value of 50,000 dollars, but thanks to the flawless conditions in which it was, the offers reached up to 170,000 dollars, which is more than what is commonly paid for a Lamborghini, of course, depending on the model.

Beyond everything, what really increased its value was the state in which it was, so hopefully, and its new owner takes care of it as did those who had it before him.