Deeply clean your mixed skin with this mask

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The care of the mixed skin is one of the most complicated because not all the skin is of a single texture, but rather it is necessary to face with greasy and dry areas. Therefore, finding a mask that adapts very well to your needs is not so simple.

If you prefer natural products, then you will have to try different combinations of ingredients to see which one is best for your complexion. Today we teach you to prepare a mask with green clay and jojoba oil. 

Tips for cleaning mixed skin

When cleaning your face, you should focus on the T zone because it is the part where more fat accumulates. Therefore, we advise you to exfoliate your skin two or three times a week and wash your skin with a bar of neutral soap and without perfume.

In addition, avoid too hot water and rather always try to use cold water to stop the production of more sebum.

What care should I take if I have mixed skin?

If you use makeup, you should opt for a matt and oil-free base and carefully clean the brushes and utensils you use so that they do not accumulate fat.

Do not forget to hydrate your complexion, especially in the drier parts that tend to be close to the corners of the lips. And in zone T just a little. You can use a moisturizer or essential oil.

How to prepare a mask of white clay and coconut oil?

These ingredients have a purifying function that will leave your skin soft and protected. Remember to make this mask once a week.

1. Prepare a paste with a tablespoon of green clay and add some mineral water. Calculate the amount of water as you add it to the mixture.

2. After getting the preparation, add a few drops of coconut oil.

3. Apply on your clean face and avoid the eye contour area.

4. Let it act for 15 minutes and then rinse with plenty of cold water.