Doctor moves to the treehouse in his garden to protect his family from the coronavirus

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Dr. Jason Barnes provides his services at Christus Spohn Hospital Beeville, as well as Christus Spohn Hospital South, located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

He has had to be in the areas where there are people infected with the coronavirus, so he decided to move to the tree house that he has in his garden so as not to put his wife and children at risk.

At first, the doctor thought about moving to an apartment or another house while passing the risk of contagion, but his wife told him that he could be near and far at the same time, in his tree house.

In this way, you can keep an eye on your family, but without risk, and also, when you need something, all you have to do is shout for your children and wife to be present.

When Jason started building this house, he planned it not only as a place for fun, but as a real home for his children, without imagining that it would become his.

It has a double bed, a toilet, and has even installed air conditioning, making it a fairly comfortable place to quarantine.

As you can see, the reality is that this doctor has a good place to rest after helping day by day to fight the coronavirus, and best of all, without being away from his family.

Despite the fact that they cannot play as they did before, both Jason and his wife and children know that this is a temporary condition, and they will soon be together again as in other times, as long as they continue taking care of themselves.

If you thought that building a tree house was a waste of time, you were very wrong, so get to work and remember: make it spacious, so that you can also occupy it at some point.