Dog refuses to look at owner after she took him to vets for teeth cleaning

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Puppies are the noblest and most tender animals that can exist, so when someone betrays their trust and love, it is normal for them to take an attitude of indifference and even courage, just like what this tender dog did.

Almost every day, Bret Mortimer drives a long time to take her dog named Fritz to the local park. It is normal for him to get excited once he gets in the car, he even knows the route; However this time it was different, they were about to go to the vet, but Fritz didn’t like this plan.

It’s hard to accept that they changed your mood.

Bret had been reading several articles on the importance of canine oral care, so she scheduled a checkup with a veterinary dentist. During an interview, she related how Fritz got upset with her.

I made a cleaning appointment because he is my best friend and I want him to live as long as I can!

After picking up Fritz from the vet, this tender dog didn’t show the excitement it always expressed when he saw her.

When the door opened, he was just not excited.

Throughout the trip home, Fritz ignored his owner, refused to make eye contact and was also tense and angry at everything.

It must be really hard to see the person who loves you lie to you like that, true?

The feeling was not long lasting

After they got home, Fritz returned his good humor. The next day when he was asked to get back in the car, he was not quite sure where they were going, nor was he as excited as he usually is. Once inside, he looked at her with a suspicious face. But when they got to the park, his smile grew huge. Perhaps Fritz’s mistrust will last a couple of months, but we can’t blame him.