Drake and Josh could reach Netflix thanks to the agreement with Nickelodeon


Netflix and Nickelodeon reached an agreement, and for the next five years, they will produce original animated films and series.

Netflix has already included in its catalog the iCarly, Sam & Cat, and Victorious series. This indicates that Nickelodeon content will gradually be incorporated into the streaming platform; however, the Internet hails a rapid transmission of Drake & Josh.

The brothers are back!

Drake & Josh is an American comedy series created by Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon. Fans of Drake & Josh cannot wait for the series to reach the Netflix catalog, so they launched a petition through to be broadcasted as soon as possible.

In case you do not remember, the series shows the life of some step brothers having opposite personalities, who, in the beginning, do not get along, but as time passes, they become friends and live crazy adventures.

It would be the perfect gift for this Christmas.

Just imagine it: vacations, pajamas, hot chocolate, and a great series, Drake & Josh, that will make you laugh in each chapter.

And the greatest thing is that it will be on our favorite platform, Netflix

Somebody listens to our prayers!

This could give Netflix the highest audience ever.

But it’s not all about Drake & Josh.

Among the new projects announced by Netflix and Nickelodeon are Klaus, Dino Girl Gauko, I lost my body, and Fast & Furious: Spy Racers. They will also broadcast a SpongeBob spin-off in which Squidward will be the protagonist.

“We thank Dan and his Schneider’s Bakery producers, officials, and social media team for their extensive contributions to Nickelodeon, and we wish them the best in their future efforts. And Dan and Schneider’s Bakery are proud of the work they did mutually with Nickelodeon and will always remain big fans of the network.”

Just be ready to watch all the new series of Nickelodeon on Netflix very soon.


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