Drinking with your friends can extend your life: study

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Have you noticed that when you return home after an outing with your friends, you become happier and in a better mood? This is because being with them makes you are happier. Also, you relax and leave stress aside.

All this is really confirmed by science, thanks to a study by psychologist Robin Dunbar, together with specialists from the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom, he found that It is recommended and healthy that women go out more than once a week to perform various activities in the company of their Best Friends Forever (BFF). Dunbar says that it is very important that girls do this because it helps in their physical and mental health so that in these outings, they perform certain types of activities.

What kind of activities to carry out?

It is really nothing of the other world because they are things that we assure you that you already do: drink a shot and eat something, comment on some gossip (of course, about the “ rivals ” that each of us has) or talk about our week and laugh with our besties.

What are the benefits?

As we told you before, having a close relationship with your best friends will help you physically and emotionally. You will feel emotionally happy in your environment, life and family, and you will feel the freedom to detach yourself from ‘bad’ situations in an easier way.

And physically when you get sick your recovery process will be faster, you will feel more relief and stress, and you will notice that you are a more generous person, thus achieving a hormonal process in which by staying happy for much longer your youth will accompany you for more years, and your life will be longer.

Find the time to see your ‘BFF.’

Let’s be honest, even though we love them and want to see them more often, it is complicated and, unless they study or work in the same place, it is very difficult to agree one day to go out and enjoy them.

And the same study ensures that women spend less than half of their free time in feeding their close friendships, having an average weekly outing with them, in case there is no family, even if it costs a little more work we recommend you meet them more, you will see that it will be beneficial for all.