Dry January: the challenge of spending the first month of the year without drinking alcohol and feeling better

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For many, Christmas and New year fever season lasts until the month of January, so they continue with the inertia of the party and the consumption without a measure of food and drinks with alcoholic content as if there were no tomorrow.

If you want to try something different and more beneficial for your body, here we present the Dry January challenge, so you can analyze it and see if you are able to fulfill it.

If you think about it, getting drunk throughout December and January represents a strong economic expense; You also invest a lot of time and energy. In addition, you should consider the moments when the hangover arrives, which is not very pleasant to say.

In the United Kingdom, the initiative arose to carry out a Dry January, in which one would have to endure the whole month without tasting a single drop of alcohol, which not many are willing to do. By 2014 this challenge became very popular.

In that year, even the government public health institutions joined together to extend the scope of this proposal and continue to participate in motivating more citizens to forget about the drink during the first month of the year.

This month’s popularity without alcohol spread beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, so other countries are added every year, which has had significant results. During 2014, about 17,000 inhabitants in England stopped drinking alcohol in January, but what caught the most attention is that a thousand continued like this for six months or more.

72% of those who participated acknowledged that they had fewer problems in all areas of their lives, such as accidents, discussions with the family, breakups with the couple, among other things that you know very well every time you get drunk.

Of the total participants in this challenge, it is estimated that up to 4% have stopped drinking completely, which is a very respectable percentage.

It seems that some only expected a slight push to get away from intoxicating drinks and the problems they cause, so this challenge can be an excellent pretext for you to decide once and for all.

It’s only a month, try it, and then you see how you feel and if it’s worth it or not to continue.

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