Earphones Waist, the viral challenge among girls to prove they are “thin”

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The viral challenges of the Internet are becoming increasingly dangerous and absurd, those who carry them put at risk not only their lives but also that of hundreds of children trying to imitate them. The most recent one that the network has given us has to do with headphones and body thinness.

The Earphones Waist is shaking social networks, but far from leaving a lesson or giving us a fun time, it is an obvious way to show that the thinnest girl is the “best” and is already bringing consequences.

Now they wear headphones at the waist

This new challenge is basically to surround the waist with the cable of the headphones to be able to measure how thin you are, the more cable you are, the more “popularity” you gain because you show that you have an extremely thin and “ideal” body.

A challenge that is causing many problems

Through a publication on the Weibo site, users of social networks in China made the official call, in which they wrote:

To find out how much weight you gained while lounging at home, check how many laps you can get with your headphones around your waist. Tag your friends to do this challenge together.

Since then, the publication already has more than 75 thousand “likes” and more than 600 thousand comments. Although many take it as a joke and comment that perhaps with 10 meters of cable they could meet the challenge, many more are worried about the situation, as young people tend to become obsessed with these types of challenges until they reach perfection.

Asia’s challenges do not have a good end.

On the contrary, they are always to try to show who has the best body or less kilos. There is one in which the thinness of the legs is measured with the help of the cell phone. It is really worrying because this type of practice can put people’s health at risk when trying to reach an “ideal” body type, so as a suggestion, it is better to avoid them at all costs.