Eliminate acne by consuming these rich foods

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Forget about squeezing the pimples or applying expensive creams on the face to eliminate acne, because all that can be achieved simply by consuming some fabulous foods.

Women like to look radiant and flawless skin, and that leaves annoying pimples out of the game. And, although there is a range of products to apply on the face and fight them, there is nothing better than food to say “goodbye”. Therefore, today we tell you how to eliminate acne by consuming these rich foods.

With a balanced and nutritious diet, many things can be achieved, not only lose weight, and be completely fit, but you can also have a beautiful complexion, following the following tips.


Acne is derived from the fat and dead cells that cover the hair follicles, causing the outbreak of granites, and blackheads, which can come out on the face, back, shoulders, or chest.

Anti acne food

These foods, in addition to being delicious, bring endless benefits to your body and your health, as well as your beauty, which will make you enjoy them even more. Take the test, and you will convince yourself that the best way to be well is to eat properly.

Green food

It is advisable to start your life with an intake of green foods, such as a salad that includes lettuce, spinach, avocado, green beans, or any natural green food. Or, if you don’t have much time to stop for breakfast, you can opt for a green juice.

And, green foods are rich in chlorophyll, which greatly helps you to purify what you do not need from your body, and that can cause acne.

Omega 3

The “good” fats that some foods contain will also help you eliminate the granites, as they provide an anti-inflammatory effect in your body, which generates a good hormonal function.

You can find omega 3 in foods such as fish, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts or hemp seeds.

Yes to fiber

For your body to naturally purify what is wrong with you, you need to eat foods with fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, corn, beans, oats, brown rice, lentils, whole grain bread, and avocado.

Hydrate and purify

Another way to purify your body, is through hydration, and that you can achieve, in addition to drinking at least 2 liters of water daily, it is also advisable to drink lemonade frequently.


Just as there are foods that do your body very well, and that is reflected in your beauty, some harm your health, so you must eliminate them or reduce them considerably from your diet.

These are refined and dairy carbohydrates, so say goodbye to sugar, especially if it is refined, flour, white bread, white rice, milk and its derivatives, such as milk and creams.