Family tries to get rid of a haunted doll but it always returns home

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How much do you believe in paranormal events? On YouTube, there are hundreds of videos showing dolls that are supposedly possessed, but they all make us doubt whether they are really true or were made with an editing trick, and here is a new case.

Recently a family from Huston, Texas, shared that they had discarded an Elsa doll from the movie Frozen, so that their daughter would receive the new Christmas gifts, however, they realized that the Disney princess always returns home, no matter how many times they throw it away. Here is the story that will leave you totally frozen.

The doll did not want to leave her home.

Emily Madonia posted on her Facebook account how she found the doll outside her home again and again, without explaining how she did it.

Ok guys, we really need your help. To recap for those of you who haven’t been following the story with the Elsa doll, my husband, Matt, threw it in the trash weeks ago and then found it inside a wooden bench. Ok … so we are confused, and we wrapped it tightly in a garbage bag and put it inside another bag full of more garbage, we placed it at the end of the boat, so that it was to the bottom, and we took it to the sidewalk so the truck will take her. Great, right? We left the city, we forgot it. Today Aurelia told me: ‘Mom, I saw Elsa doll again in the backyard’. Help us get rid of this magical doll.

It was not the first time something “strange” happened with her.

In an interview for an NBC program, Emily explained that the toy had already caused several problems, so she had decided to throw it away. She inexplicably began to sing and speak in Spanish.

There was no button that changed languages; it was random. Also, the doll interacted even if the button was off.

They checked that it was always the same doll.

The doll has down marks that my daughter made over the years, so I knew that the doll reappeared, that it was the same and not a replacement. Most people think it’s a joke. However, the family says that everything they are experiencing is real.

They also commented that they tried to get rid of it by sending it by mail, without any specific address, but before putting it in the box the doll began to laugh frantically for 30 seconds in a row. Two weeks later, the doll reappeared near the trash cans.

Then they sent the doll to a family friend.

My friend Chris Hogan received the doll today 2 thousand kilometres from here. I asked her to look for the marker scratches that my daughter coloured on her to make sure that it is the same doll.

Chris made sure it’s her and made sure she got to Minnesota, also tied her to the defence of her Jeep and mentioned that he would weld her to a steel pipe and sink her into the lake if something strange happens or tries to escape.