Father receives a moving gift after donating his son’s heart

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Death is one of the most unpredictable things we have in life, however one always imagines that he will die after having fulfilled all his life goals, having met love and formed a family, having left a legacy in this world. The reality is different, when it touches us, it touches us, and death knows no age, sex, nationality, anything like that. That is why this particular story is very emotional.

John Reid lost his beloved son Dakota, 16, in a car accident in January 2019. He and his family decided that the death of this young man would give life to other people, so they donated his organs so that someone else could Have a second chance.

After a year of mourning his loss, today John receives a moving gift that he has left in tears not only him and his family but hundreds of people around the world who have seen this video where we can see him open a mysterious box, which contains a teddy bear that crushes its hand reproduces the heartbeat of Dakota.

The organ recipient sent this amazing gift with his son’s heartbeat recorded so that the father could hear them and feel him close. Stephanie, his wife, recorded the moment.

According to his wife’s post, the letter read: “I would have preferred to give you this in person, but I’m not sure when it will happen. It’s for the best dad ever.”

Grateful with such a wonderful gift, Bob and his family ask other people to become aware of organ donation, and they remember with much nostalgia that their son was able to save other people’s lives, since his kidney and pancreas also had a recipient, and Stephanie points out in her post: “It’s very gratifying to know that other people live thanks to Dakota. It is the best comfort we can receive.”